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Siamo una realtà all’avanguardia nei servizi di consulenza per le aziende manifatturiere con alta specializzazione nel settore Tissue.

Attraverso le competenze del nostro team e l’utilizzo delle metodologie di Lean Manufacturing, supportiamo le aziende ad ottimizzare i propri processi massimizzando la CAPACITÀ PRODUTTIVA.

Vi aiutiamo a ridurre le inefficienze generate da macchine metodi e persone.


Abbiamo strutturato un insieme di servizi per consentirti di raggiungere in maniera efficace i tuoi obiettivi di business, ognuno dei quali prevede un’analisi preliminare gratuita e successiva diagnostica della durata di 2/3 giorni lavorativi.


Tramite l’utilizzo delle migliori strategie di gestione del business aiutiamo gli imprenditori ad incrementare il profitto concentrandoci sulla riduzione dei costi e l’incremento del fatturato.


Ottimizzare la gestione della produzione è il cuore della nostra attività di consulenza che si basa sull’Analisi, Programmazione e Gestione del business.


Ci occupiamo di implementare tecniche di diagnostica ed analisi predittiva, per la migliore gestione ed efficienza degli Impianti.

Risultati ottenuti

Abbiamo contribuito, con i progetti realizzati fino ad oggi a far risparmiare circa 7,2 milioni di dollari alle aziende che hanno deciso di affidarsi al nostro team.

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Macchina Continua

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Dicono di noi

  • "Better All Round Limited started in Italy with an innovative tissue converting machine. KeepUp Consulting were responsible for all the day-to-day management of production, peoples, supply chain, suppliers in accordance with appropriate food grade hygiene standards, materials and dealing with all logistics, demand and supply forecasting. The level of commitment and professionalism of KeepUp was of an exceptionally high standard and I can wholeheartedly recommend them to other businesses in need of similar support. They quickly became a fundamental and integral part of our own business and to this day, we rely on their continued help and support despite having relocated back to the UK. Importantly, it is also worth highlighting that the two principles, Claudio Selvaggi and Annalisa Di Raffaele, were also a delight to work with which in my opinion is an important element to keen into consideration."

    Oday Abbosh
    Oday Abbosh Founder & CEO at Better All Round Ltd
  • “Annalisa demonstrated exceptional financial analytical skills and strong business planning and forecasting disciplines. Her technical systems knowledge was also at a high standard. I have seen her lead by example in several projects ensuring the application is self-diagnostic supported by a strong intrinsic management system. She was the pilot for many extensive business end to end projects that changed production planning in product supply thus reducing inventory levels releasing cash.”

    Stevan Wallen
    Stevan Wallen Commercial Operations Leader - Product Supply at Kimberly-Clark
  • “I have been working with Annalisa for several years in K-C. She has always been a skilled, reliable, focused professional and a good leader for her team members. She was very dedicated to her job and loyal to the company. Working with her has enriched me in many ways. As a colleague, I had the opportunity to know someone with a great decision-making capability, a person who was always available to others, a professional fully dedicated to her job.”

    Elena Franzosi
    Elena Franzosi Country HR Manager in Smurfit Kappa Italia
  • “Annalisa is top notch professional with a strong background in finance, operations and Lean. She is a people-centered change agent yet very results driven. Annalisa is a real asset and a valuable addition to any team in need of transformational change.”

    Dave Faddis
    Dave Faddis Vice President Operations of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company’s Europe
  • "Claudio is a higly skilled individual with years of experience under his belt in the Paper making and Converting industry. Claudio is particularly resourceful in addressing production issues and identifying root causes in order to apply the right corrective measures. Claudio worked not only on process targets, but also giving out insightful explanation of what further action could be taken in bettering the finished result according to the required specifications."

    Andrea Cecchi
    Andrea Cecchi Plant Manager at Sofidel America
  • "I have known Claudio for a long time and had the pleasure of working directly with him a few years ago. Claudio has a good grasp of Lean thinking and concepts and has a great ability to teach these to others in a way that is practical and makes sense to the student. If you are looking for someone with practical Lean knowledge to help you or your organization, I would recommend you talk to Claudio!"

    Andre DeMerchant
    Andre DeMerchant President, DeMerchant Healthcare Solutions Inc.

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